Amy Schuessler & Duncan J Snyder are collaborative artists specializing in photographic media. Both artists are alumni at Columbus College of Art & Design. They began their collaboration during a large-scale project in the fall of 2016 facilitating Glasshouse: Photo Flora Form at the Franklin Park conservatory and have continued to expand their practice. Amy is currently attending Ithaca College Image/Text MFA program and Duncan is a professor of Photography at CCAD. They received the Jurors Choice Award for their piece titled PH44 Sweep, in the 2017 Ohio Art League Juried Fall exhibition and have recently had work in the Verne Riffe Gallery, Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition and DUST: Plates of the Present. Photogram Archive at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France.

Collaborative Artist Statement

This collaborative work comes from an ongoing process between the artists using a variety of media and ritual to contextualize common experiences and interactions. It acts as a jumping off point for a psychological collaboration about place, residue, history, intimacy, light and ceremony. Each artist is intertwined in the process and their shared observation gives way to a new visual authenticity. The result is large-scale photographic images printed and manipulated with multiple media. The desire is to have artwork that is both subtractive and additive and is tied to the traditions of making from a variety of media.