Before arriving on Monhegan Island in 1983, Daphne studied architecture at Carnegie-Mellon University. As a student she was required to purchase tools for carving wood blocks in a printmaking class. Her work has developed and expanded from printmaking to relief carving and sculpture. She still carves with the tools she first bought as a student.

During her early years on Monhegan, Daphne’s efforts to focus on her artwork were somewhat distracted by the births of her four children, subsequent childrearing and the architectural project she and her husband initiated on nearby Manana Island. These precious experiences continue to inform her work. In 1997 she and her family began wintering in Kennebunkport, Maine.

In 2000 Daphne studied with John Ventimiglia at Maine College of Art. Over the years her commission work has included bronze sculpture, residential design, art installations with tile, custom wood carving and furniture. She is represented in a number of galleries and is annually a featured artist in the University of New England Sculpture Garden Invitational. Her studio on Monhegan is open to the public May through September.