Katie White’s inspiration comes from both nature and the courage of her former elementary art students. She learned so much from their creativity when she would reassure them to take risks and not worry about the outcome. In return, they painted without any inhibitions, which was inspiring to watch and helped her grow as an artist.

When Katie creates, she strives to evoke emotion, perhaps spark a memory or bring tranquility to a space.  Many of her pieces reflect nature because she is drawn to its unpredictability, the organic lines and the consistent changing elements.  In order to reflect what she see in nature, she uses salt to help create movement and texture.

When she looks at an oyster, she is reminded of grit and determination. The journey a pearl goes on to become beautiful comes from years of work and irritation, a lot like people.  She also loves them because of their organic in shape... free form and imperfect, allowing the water and paint determine the outcome of each piece

Katie graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Washington University in St. Louis and now lives in Tampa, where she lives with her husband John and two teenage sons.